LT 78 - To Agnes of Jesus - January 8, 1889

LT 78                  From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.

January 8, 1889



I haven't seen the lamb of the day, but I know that it has a bad headache, and this causes pain to the little lamb which fears that Jesus is sprouting wings on the lamb.... What delightful lines!. . They are heavenly; they give a sense of the home­land! . . . The lamb is mistaken in believing that Jesus' toy is not in darkness; it is immersed in darkness. Perhaps, and the little lamb agrees with this, this darkness is light, but in spite of every­thing it is darkness.... Its only consolation is a strength and a very great peace, and, then, it wants to be as Jesus wills it to be; that is its joy, otherwise, all is sadness.... When I go to Our Mother, I am continually interrupted, and then when I do have a moment, I can't tell her what is taking place in my soul, and I go away without joy after having entered without joy! . . .

believe that the work of Jesus during this retreat has been to detach me from all that is not

Himself. . .

If you only knew how great my joy is not to have anything with which to please Jesus!... It is a refined joy (but in no way felt). Dear lamb, only one more day to be the fiancée of Jesus!. . .

Don't die immediately; wait until the little lamb has wings in order to follow you . .. .

Thérèse of the Child Jesus, the little toy of Jesus!


Will you, if you please, give me first, your Indian ink and some gold; secondly, tell me if the Responses of St. Agnes are suitable for my little pictures for the reception of the Habit; and thirdly, open our door ajar at six o'clock if you are here, otherwise I will wake up by myself. If all these things put you to any trouble, give me nothing; I can do without.


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