LT 79 - To Marie of the Sacred Heart - January 8, 1889

LT 79                   From Thérèse to Marie of the Sacred Heart.

January 8, 1889


Jesus +

Dear Lion, your note gave GREAT PLEASURE to your little daughter's heart!. .. Thanks.. . . How good you are!.. . Oh! how I would like to resemble you. But the toy of Jesus is weakness itself; if Jesus does not carry it, or if He does not Himself throw His little ball, it will remain inert in the same place!

Only one more day, and I will be the Fiancée of Jesus, what a grace!.. . What to do in order to thank Him, to make me less un­worthy of such a favor?...

Oh! the homeland. . .the homeland! How I thirst for heaven, there where I shall love Jesus without reserve!. ..

But we must suffer and cry in order to arrive there. . .well, then, I want to suffer all that will please Jesus; let Him do whatever He wills with His little ball.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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