LT 82 - To Céline - February 28, 1889

LT 82                   From Thérèse to Céline.

February 28, 1889


Carmel, February 28, 1889

Jesus +

Dear Céline,

Is it possible that I am writing you at Caen? ... I wonder if I am dreaming or if I am awake.... But, no, it is a reality!... I am going to surprise you, dear little sister, by telling you that I am far from pitying you, but, you see, I think your lot is worthy of en­vy. Jesus has designs of an indescribable love for you; He wants His little lily-immortelle all for Himself, but He is Himself taking charge of having her make her first novitiate. It is His divine hand that is adorning His spouse for the day of her wedding, but His dear hand makes no mistake about the adornment .... Jesus is a Spouse of blood. . . . He wants for Himself all the blood of her heart ....

Oh! how it costs to give Jesus what He asks! . . . What joy that it costs .... What an unspeakable joy to carry our Crosses feebly. Has the Lily-Immortelle understood the poor grain of sand? . . . Your novitiate is one of sorrow; what an inexplicable privilege ....

Ah! dear little sister, far from complaining to Jesus about the Cross He is sending us, I cannot understand the infinite love that has drawn Him to treat us in this way .... Our dear Father must be much loved by Jesus to have to suffer this way, but don't you find that the misfortune that is striking him is really the comple­ment of his beautiful life? ... I feel, little Lily-Immortelle, that I am speaking real follies to you, but it does not matter. I still think very many others things about the love of Jesus which are perhaps much stronger than what I am saying to you .... What a joy to be humbled; it is the only thing that makes saints! . . . Can we doubt now the will of Jesus concerning our souls? . . . Life is only a dream., and soon we shall wake up, and what joy . . . the greater our sufferings are the more infinite will be our glory .... Oh, let us not lose the trial that Jesus is sending us, it is a gold mine to be exploited. Are we going to miss the chance? . . . The grain of sand wants to get to work, without joy, without courage, without strength, and it is all these titles which will facilitate the enter­prise for it; it wants to work through love.

The Martyrdom is beginning. Let us enter the arena together, if the Lily-Immortelle is willing not to look down upon

the poor grain of Sand

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