LT 83 - To Céline - March 5, 1889

LT 83                   From Thérèse to Céline.

March 5, 1889


Jesus +

My dear Céline,

I cannot tell you how much good your dear little letter did me!. . . Now you are truly the Lily-immortelle of Jesus. Oh! how pleased He is with His lily, how lovingly He looks on His dear flower, who wants Him alone, who has no other desire except that of consoling Him ....

Each new suffering, each new agony of her heart is like a light breeze which will carry to Jesus the perfume of His lily; then He will smile lovingly, and He will immediately prepare a new sor­row. He is filling the chalice to the brim, thinking that the more His lily grows in love the more, too, must it grow in suffering!. . .

What a privilege Jesus grants us in sending such a great sorrow. Ah ! eternity will not be too long to thank Him. He is giving us His favors just as He gave them to the greatest saints. Why this great predilection?... It is a secret which Jesus will reveal in our home­land on the day when "He will dry all the tears from our eyes." . . It is necessary that it be to my soul that I am speaking in this way, for otherwise I would not be understood, but it is to her that I am addressing myself, and all my thoughts were anticipated by her. However, what she does not know perhaps is the love that Jesus has for her, a love that demands all. There is nothing that is impossi­ble for Him. He does not want to set any limit to His Lily's SANC­TITY; His limit is that there is no limit!. . . Why should there be any? We are greater than the whole universe, and one day we ourselves shall have a divine existence ....

Oh! 1 thank Jesus for having placed a lily near our dear Father, a lily that fears nothing, a lily that wishes rather to die than to abandon the glorious field in which the love of Jesus has placed it!. . .

Now we have no longer anything to hope for on earth, no long­er anything but suffering and again suffering. When we have fin­ished, suffering will still be there, extending its arms to us. Oh! what a lot worthy of envy .... The Cherubim in heaven envy our joy.

It was not for this that I was writing to my Céline, but it was to tell her to write to Mademoiselle Pauline about the misfortune that has struck us in Papa's illness. Laugh in your turn at your poor Thérèse, who approaches her subject at the end of her let­ter. Poor Léonie, I love her also; she is more unfortunate than we are, for Jesus has given her less. But much will be demanded from those to whom much has been given.

Your little sister,

Thérèse of the Child Jesus


Thérèse signs "postulant" instead of "novice"; the same mistake in LT 127, April 26, 1891.

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