LT 86 - To Céline - March 15, 1889

LT 86                  From Thérèse to Céline.

March 15, 1889


March 15, 1889

Jesus +

Thanks for your dear letter; it pleased the little grain of sand!. . .

In one of your letters, you were telling me recently that you were my shadow. Alas! this would be very sad if it were true, for what is the shadow of a little grain of Sand?. ..

I thought of something better for my dear Céline; this idea of shadow pleased me; I said to myself that, in fact, my Céline had to be the shadow of something but what?... I was able to find

nothing in creation which could satisfy the idea I have of this reality of which my dear Céline should be the faithful shadow And it is Jesus Himself, who must be this divine reality! . . .

Yes, Céline must be herself the little shadow of Jesus .... What a humble and, nevertheless, glorious title, for what is a shadow? . . . But the shadow of Jesus, what a glory! . . .

What things I'd have to say regarding this little shadow of Je­sus, but I have too little time, and so it is impossible! . . .

Céline's dream is very pretty, and perhaps one day it will be carried out. . . but, in the meanwhile, let us begin our martyr­dom, let Jesus tear from us all that is most dear to us, and let us refuse Him nothing. Before dying by the sword, let us die by pin­pricks .... Does Céline understand? . . .

The little grain of Sand is united in suffering to the little shadow of Jesus.

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face



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