LT 89 - To Céline - April 26, 1889

LT 89                    From Thérèse to Céline.

April 26, 1889


Jesus+ ! . .                                               Carmel, April 26, '89

Jesus Himself is taking charge of saying happy birthday for His fiancées twenty years! . . .

What a twentieth year fruitful in sufferings, in choice graces! Twenty years! an age filled with illusion . . . tell me what illusion are you leaving in the heart of my Céline?. . .

What memories between us!. . . It's a world of memories .... Yes, Jesus has His preferences; there are, in His garden, fruits which the Sun of His love ripens almost in the twinkling of an eye ... . Why are we of this number?... A question filled with mystery .... What reason can Jesus give us? Alas! His reason is that He has no reason!. . . Céline! Let us make use of Jesus' preference which has taught us so many things in so few years, and let us neglect nothing that can please Him!. . . Ah! let us be adorned by the Sun of His love. . . this sun is burning ... let us be consumed by love!... St. Francis de Sales says: "When the fire of love is in a heart, all the furniture flies out the windows." Oh! let us allow nothing . . . nothing in our heart except Jesus!. . .

Let us not believe we can love without suffering, without suffer­ing much .... Our poor nature is there! and it isn't there for nothing!. . . Our nature is our riches, our means of earning our bread!... It is so precious that Jesus came on earth purposely to take possession of it.

Let us suffer the bitter pain, without courage!. . . (Jesus suf­fered in sadness ! Without sadness would the soul suffer! . . . ) And still we would like to suffer generously, grandly!. . . Céline! what an illusion!. . . We'd never want to fall?. . . What does it matter, my Jesus, if I fall at each moment; I see my weakness through this and this is a great gain for me .... You can see through this what I can do and now You will be more tempted to carry me in Your arms .... If You do not do it, it is because this pleases You to see me on the ground .... Then I am not going to be disturbed, but I shall always stretch out my arms suppliant and filled with love!... I cannot believe that You would abandon me!. . .

(It was when the saints were at the feet of Our Lord that they encountered their Crosses!. . ,)

Dear Céline, sweet echo of my soul!. . . If you only knew my misery!. . . Oh! if you only knew .... Sanctity does not consist in saying beautiful things, it does not even consist in thinking them, in feeling them!... It consists in suffering and suffering everything. (Sanctity! We must conquer it at the point of the sword; we must suffer ... we must agonize!) . ..

A day will come when the shadows will disappear, and then there will remain only joy, inebriation....

Let us profit from our one moment of suffering!. . . Let us see only each moment!... A moment is a treasure . .. one act of love will make us know Jesus better ... it will bring us closer to Him during the whole of eternity !.. .

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face


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