LT 97 - To Mme Guérin - October 15, 1889.

LT 97                  From Thérèse to Mme. Guérin.

October 15, 1889


Jesus +                                                        October 15, 1889

My dear Aunt,

I could not tell you how much I was touched by all your treats I ... I am asking my saintly patroness to thank you by granting you her graces, as well as dear Uncle. I ask you to thank my dear little sisters Jeanne and Marie for me for their pretty bou­quets and their delicious grapes.

My letter was interrupted by the arrival of a new gift, two mag­nificent plants for little Jesus .... Really, I am just overwhelmed, and I'd be embarrassed if this were not to decorate the Child Je­sus' altar. He is the one, no doubt, who will take charge of paying my debt to my dear relatives. I don't know the name of the person who made this delightful gift to Thérèse's Jesus ... if you know the person, I beg you to let him know how grateful I am.

Oh, Aunt, how I am praying today for St. Teresa to return to you a hundredfold all you have done for us. In her little letter for my feast, Céline was speaking to me about all your kindness to her, and I was very much touched by this; however, I was not sur­prised, for I know all the maternal tenderness you have for us.

Dear Aunt, my heart is filled with sweet things that I'd like to be able to say, but I am obliged to leave you in order to go to Vespers.

I am sending you my best kisses, as also to Uncle and my four little sisters.

Your very grateful little daughter,

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus



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