LT 100 - To Mr. and Mme Guérin - December 30, 1889.

LT 100                From Thérèse to M. and Mme. Guérin.

December 30, 1889


Jesus +                                                        December 30, '89

Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Your Benjamin comes in her turn to wish you a Happy New Year!. . . Just as each day has its last hour, so each year sees its last night coming also, and it is on the night of this year that I feel drawn to cast a look over the past and on the future. When I con­sider the time that has just run out, I feel drawn to thank God for, although His hand has offered us a bitter chalice, His divine Heart has been able to sustain us in the trial, and He has given us the strength necessary for drinking His chalice even to the last dregs .... What is He reserving for us for the year that is about to begin?. . . I have not been given the power to penetrate this mystery, but I'm begging God to reward my dear relatives a hun­dredfold for all the touching kindness they have for us!. . .

The first day of the year has a world of memories for me .... I still see Papa giving us his caresses .... He was so good!. . . But why recall these memories? Dear Father has received the reward of his virtues; God has sent him a trial worthy of himself.

Nine o'clock is ringing, and I am obliged to terminate my let­ter without having said anything of what I should have spoken about, but I trust that my dear relatives will excuse their little Thérèse, and, above all, pardon the writing which isn't read­able ....

Happy New Year to my dear little sisters!. . . Above all, may Marie be cured very quickly; I shall be vexed with her if the in­fluenza prevents her from coming to see us!. . .

Au revoir, dear Uncle and dear Aunt. Your little daughter wishes you a Happy New Year and kisses you with her whole heart.

Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


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