From Mme Guérin to Mme La Néele - May 10, 1892

From Mme. Guérin to Mme. La Néele. (Extracts.)


May 10, 1892 Day of M. Martin's return to Lisieux.

Dear little Jeanne,

Your father went today to Caen to get your uncle. He lunched at your place, and he brought back good M. Martin at four o'clock. The trip went along very well. His morale is as good as it can possibly be, but his limbs can no longer support him. He had to be carried into the carriage. He cried all the time and appears so happy to be among his children. He has been placed in the bedroom on the se­cond floor, but he would not be able to come down, he would be incapable of doing so. Céline and Léonie are really happy. They have wanted to see this day for so long a time.

Above all, profit by your trip; I am very happy your husband is taking this little vacation, he needs it.

Your very devoted mother, Céline Guérin

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