From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to her father Isidore Guerin - End of August 1898

From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to her father Isidore Guerin - End of August 1898

                                                                                   undated [End of August 98?]

+ Jesus!                           J.M.J.T.

                         Dear Father,

   No sooner than you set foot in the house, someone comes knocking on your door, but I know that you’re very fond of this particular little beggar.

   This morning, the portress came looking for our Mother to ask her for the money to buy a sugarloaf. Our Mother replied that she didn’t have any money left at all and that she wasn’t about to start a tab at the grocer’s. I happened to be there and I told our Mother that I would write to you and ask for a sugarloaf. Our Mother said it would be far too tactless to ask this of you so soon after your return to Lisieux, but I know my dear Father and I know he won’t be angry. Just a fortnight ago, one Saturday, our Mother had only 20 centimes to buy supplies. We were in a very awkward predicament. It was fortunate that on the previous day, we had found 5 or 6 francs in St Anthony’s collection box, which we used for our purchases, but today we don’t have anything left. Would you mind, dear father, lending us the money to buy a sugarloaf? We’ll pay you back when we’re wealthier.

   I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to talk to you about Mother Agnes of Jesus. She has been very upset since yesterday, sick with worry over the letter that you must have received before leaving for La Musse. This morning, she wasn’t able to attend the Office and last night, she felt no better, so frightened is she of having annoyed and hurt you by writing to the publishers. Could you give our Turn Sister another affectionate little note to reassure her, because until then, her little face is going to stay very pale and sad? She is so impressionable. I’ve tried to reassure her, but she said it was pointless, and that only you could reassure her, because that’s how much she loves you. If you were annoyed yesterday, Léonie mustn’t let it show, should she come at 1 o’clock. You yourself can tell Mother Agnes of J. what you think in the visiting room, which would be better than hearing it from someone else.

   Ah, you wouldn’t believe how much she loves you. That’s why she’s upset. She would do anything to prove her affection to you.

   From your little girl, who’ll see you this afternoon.

             Sr Marie of the Eucharist.