From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to her mother Mrs Guerin - April 7, 1898

From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to her mother Mrs Guerin - April 7, 1898

                                                       J.M.J.T.                         undated [7th April 1898]

+ Jesus!

                     Dear Mother,

   It’s Holy Week, so I’m not going to write a long letter. I simply want to ask you whether you would mind buying us two fine chocolate Easter eggs for our Mother. They’re for the little de Liéville girls. Let them be quite large ones, at 10 or 20 cts each. Would you mind also accompanying this little gift to our Mother with an affectionate letter, to thank her for all the kindness and consideration she has shown Papa? I’m particularly thinking of the little note she wrote on the parcel of photographs that she sent for his feast day. Little Jeanne forgot to mention it in her letters and our dear Mother was so very pleased with it. She said to us all, “I, too, wrote to him for his feast day,” and, her eyes shining with happiness, she told us what she had written. I would therefore appreciate it if you could seem touched by what she wrote. It’s not too late; our Mother hasn’t said a word about it. I’m the one who would like you to send a letter, dear Mamma. If only you knew how fond our Mother is of Papa. If ever a word was said against him, she would ardently defend him. She takes everything he says as gospel truth and she is very upset to know he is ill.  

   For Easter, we don’t want you to make us any sweet dishes or anything. You don’t have enough money for that. The provisor will do her best to provide us with a good meal. We would only ask you to buy us 25 little Easter eggs for Léonie like last year.

   Mother Agnes of Jesus would like to know whether Papa is planning to have Poussielgue print the book. Send me a reply, dear Mother, in a letter marked ‘private’. Our Mother has allowed me to write you this little note without reading it and to receive one from you under the same condition.

  On the parcel of large eggs, write our Mother’s name as follows: Rev. Mother Prioress. Then wrap the parcel in a second piece of paper and address it to me. Do the same for the letter to our Mother so that she doesn’t see it. We’ll give it to her on Easter Day. As for Léonie’s little eggs, address them to Mother Agnes of Jesus personally.

I thank little Jeanne for all her little letters; they brought me great pleasure. I send her fond kisses, as I do you, Mother, and also Father. I’m happy to hear his health has improved.

I can’t invite you to hear my lament this year since you’re ill. I sung it yesterday afternoon and will do so again tomorrow and the following day.

                 Your little daughter who loves you

                   Marie of the Eucharist


Don’t be upset that Jeanne didn’t mention the little note to our Mother. It doesn’t matter. Our Mother didn’t seem at all upset; quite the opposite in fact.