From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to her father Isidore Guerin - Early September 1898

From sr Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guerin) to her father Isidore Guerin - Early September 1898

(Early Sept. 98)

+Jesus!                                           J.M.J.T.

   We’re sending you back the proofs. The ones that are sown together are those that have been checked only once. The loose sheets are the ones on which you must write “ready for printing”.

   I hope you’re feeling better, darling Father. If only you knew how much we love you and how hard we’re praying for you. Let’s hope you’re feeling better by the end of the week so that you can come and see me. As it happens, it wouldn’t be convenient in the next few days. It’s impossible today. The Reverend is coming to our Chapter, when we’re going to admit our faults, and then afterwards, he’ll give general absolution. These are the last ceremonies of the canonical visitation. Tomorrow and the day after are washing days. Léonie can still come at 1 o’clock. On Thursday, at 3 o’clock, you could come if you need to, because I think we’ll have finished the washing by then, but, dear father, I don’t think you’re in good enough health yet.

   Father Hodierne was very pleasant to me this morning. You don’t know how much he loves our family. Every week, he asks after you all. He has a great desire to meet Mamma and Léonie. This morning, I even realised he wanted to visit you, but didn’t dare. I urged him to do so and he’ll probably visit in the next few days. I beg of you, dear Father, please see him if you’re not too unwell. It would upset me deeply if you didn’t. He holds you in very high esteem and he told me, “I’d very much like to speak to Mr Guérin.” He really is very kind and very holy. I made him laugh this morning, because I told him I didn’t like it when he assumed his severe tone.

   See you soon, dear Father. Your darling little girl sends a thousand kisses to you and Mamma.

                                                                                 Your little girl

                                                                         Marie of the Eucharist

All your other little girls send all their love.

Our Mother is feeling a little better, although she is still suffering. The Miss Pigeons are being kind to her, and sent her a piece of fillet yesterday, which pleased our Mother enormously. She doesn’t know how to thank them.