Last conversations with Marie of the Sacred Heart - July 1897

July 8.

1.    With regard to a certain novice who was tiring her out, I said: "It's a mighty big struggle for you. Are you afraid?"

"A soldier is not afraid of combat, and 1 am a soldier." After she had scolded the novice:

"Didn't I tell you that I will die with my weapons in my hands?"

2.    "The 'Thief" is very far away; He has gone off to steal other children!"

3.    "We are now at July 8, and on June 9, I saw the Thief. If this is

the way He acts, He isn't near to stealing me."

4.    "They have placed me in an 'unlucky bed,' in a bed that makes me miss the train."

She was making allusion here to Mother Geneviève, who had received Extreme Unction three times in this same bed.

July 9.

After the doctor's visit when he found her much better: "The 'Thief' is still absent! Well, as God wills it!"


July 12.

I asked: "If you had to begin your life over again, what would you do?"

" I would do exactly what I did. "


July 13.

1.    "If you only knew the projects I'll carry out, the things I shall do when I'm in heaven. . . . I will begin my mission."

' ' What are your projects? ' ' I asked:

"Projects such as coming back with my sisters, and going over there to help the missionaries, and then preventing little pagans from dying before being baptized."

2.    I was telling her that after her death I would no longer have any more courage, that it seemed to me that I would speak no words to anyone, that I'd remain in a state of prostration.

"This is not according to the law of the Gospel. We must be all things to all men."

3.    "Rejoice, you will soon be freed from the pains of this life!" I said:

" I who am such a brave soldier ! ' '

4.    "And what must little godmother do?"

"Let her rise above everything the Sisters may say, everything they may do. You must act as though you were not in your monastery, as though you had to spend only two days here. You must take care not to say what displeases you, since you must leave it."

When I was finishing the writing of these words, the bell for the "Salve Regina" was ringing, and she said:

"It would have been better, far better, to lose these words and to go and perform a community act. If we only realized what this means!"


July 16.

"If God were to say to me: 'If you die right now, you will obtain great glory; if you die at the age of eighty, your glory will be far less, but it will please me much more,' I would not hesitate to answer: 'My God, I want to die at eighty, for I am not seeking my own glory, but I only want to please You.'

"The great saints have worked for God's glory, but I, who am only a very little soul, I work only for His pleasure, His whims. And I would be happy to bear the greatest sufferingseven without God's knowing it, if this were possiblenot for the purpose of giving Him a passing glory, but if only I knew that in this way a smile would rise to His lips."

July 25.

"When bending over a little, I saw through the window the setting sun that was casting its rays over nature, and the tops of the trees ap­peared to be golden. I said to myself: What a difference if one remains in the shadows or, on the contrary, if one exposes oneself to the sun of Love. Then we appear all golden. In reality, I am not this, and I would cease to be this immediately if I were to withdraw myself from Love."

July 28.

1.     We were telling her it would cost us much to lose our recreations for anyone else but her; she answered immediately:

"And I'd be so happy to do it! Since we are on earth to suffer, the more we suffer, the happier we are. . . . We practice charity much better when we are helping a person who is less appealing to us. Oh! how badly we know how to arrange our little affairs on earth!"

2.    I was saying to her: "We are happy to die after having spent our life in loving. "

"Yes, but we must also not fail in charity towards the neighbor."


July 29.

I was telling her that a certain little hymn in honor of St. Martha had been the occasion of merits for her; she said:

"Not merits! To please God. ... If I had amassed merits, I would have despaired immediately."

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