Last conversations with Marie of the Sacred Heart - September 1897

September 1, 1897

With reference to Mother H. of the Heart of Jesus, to whom the infirmarians had to pay much attention:

"How happy I would have been to be her infirmarian. This would have cost me much according to my natural inclinations, but it seems to me I would have taken care of her with so much love, because I think of what Our Lord said: 'I was sick and you visited me.""

September 8.

"Ah! the Blessed Virgin! She hasn't come to get me!"


September 17.

(With regard to the cemetery.)

"I understand the thought does something to you. But as for me! What do you want it to do to me! . . . They will place something dead into the ground; it's not as though I were in a trance; then it would be cruel."

September 21.

I wanted a word from her, such as whether she remembered the past and the devotedness with which I surrounded her in her childhood. Scarcely had the thought come, when she raised eyes filled with tears to Mother Agnes of Jesus and myself, and said:

"Little sisters . . . it's you who raised me! . . ."


September 25.

I looked at her tenderly:

"Godmother, how beautiful you are when your face is lit up with a ray of love. . . . It's so pure!"

September 30.

"Oh! it's pure suffering because there are no consolations! No, not one!"

"O my God! Nevertheless, I love God. . . . O good Blessed Virgin, come to my aid!"

"If this is the agony, what is death?"

"O my poor little Mother, I assure you, the cup is filled to the brim!"

"Yes, my God, everything that You will! . . . But have pity on me!"

"Little sisters! . . . Little sisters! ... My God! ... My God, have pity on me! I can't take anymore! ... I can't take anymore! . . . And yet I must endure. ... I am ... I am reduced. . . . No, I would never have believed one could suffer so much . . . never! never!"

"O Mother, I no longer believe in death for me. ... I believe in suffering!"

"Tomorrow, it will be worse! Well, so much the better!" Last words, looking at the Crucifix: "Oh! I love Him. . . ." "My God, I love You! . . ."

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