From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - July 10, 1897.

From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - July 10, 1897.

10th July 97

Dear Mother,

I’m afraid of having hurt you by not writing to you sooner, but you know why I didn’t, you saw my intention when you read the letters I wrote to Papa.

Our little patient is still in the same condition. We are still worried and I think that, unless there’s an upset, she will be able to last another few weeks. Last night she had a fit of vomiting blood, which was stopped by giving her lots of ice. Dr de Cornière said he was not surprised by this and that she would have more than another of these fits. But she is growing weaker by the day and is becoming very markedly thinner. As for food, it’s still the same; she throws up 2 or 3 cups of milk in a day. Today Dr de Cornière tried giving her some eggnog, which she didn’t bring up, but she had a lot of pain in her stomach and head. She had severe diarrhoea, and digestion was difficult.

She is so weak that she can’t even wash her hands by herself any longer. It’s a real effort for her and gives her pain in all her limbs. Last night, before vomiting, she had such a bout of sweating that it soaked her pillows through, and we had to change her. With regards to her morale, however, it’s always the same; she’s a picture of cheerfulness, making all those who come near her laugh, and talking joyfully about the thief (God) who will soon come for her. Oh, she’s not to be pitied, this little sister of ours! She will be so happy; she is so well prepared and will provide us with such great protection in Heaven. She said: “I shall be even more with you than I was before; I won’t leave you. I will watch over Uncle and Aunt, over my little Léonie, and over all of you. When they are ready to go to Heaven, I will hasten to meet them. And as for my little Jeanne, the first thing I will do when I reach Heaven will be to go into the big shop of little Angels and there I’ll choose the most charming one and I’ll say to him: You are to go immediately to Mrs. La Néele and give her joy and happiness.”

Our Father said to her yesterday: “You?… soon go to heaven?! But your crown is not finished, you have only just started making it!... At this she replied, ever so angelically: “Oh, Father! That’s very true, I haven’t made my crown, but God has made it.” Ah, yes! Her crown is made. It’s up to us now to make ours as beautiful as hers, and when one has known a soul as beautiful as hers, we would be held accountable if we didn’t walk in her footsteps.

Our Mother was very touched by your letters. She finds you both so good. Ah! You do well to be kind to her. If you knew how motherly she was being to us, you would be very touched. She is kinder than words can say. As Mother Agnès of Jesus is on her great retreat, she isn’t writing to Léonie since she will have news through this letter. You see I’m not hiding anything from you and I’m telling you the whole truth. We’re thinking of our little Léonie and of all of you. May she be very brave, we are praying hard for her. Here, everyone is calm and brave and we have all resigned ourselves to the will of God.

Your little daughter who cherishes you and eats you up with kisses.

Marie of the Eucharist.

I send big kisses to Papa, my little sisters and big brother. I love you all very, very much; you know how much affection I have for you. All your little daughters eat up their papa and mama with tender kisses.

Our Mother sends you her best wishes.

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