From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - End of November 1895.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - End of November 1895.

+ Jesus                                                                               J.M.J.T.

           Dear little Céline,

       You complain that I’m no longer spoiling you as much as when I was in the world… I was half expecting you would say that. But you know, at the Carmel we are not free to do as we please with our time and also I will admit to you frankly that I was expecting another letter from you before replying. I’m very, [lv°] very greedy, am I not? Two letters against one; but that won’t happen again.

I assure you I haven’t forgotten you, I think about you more than ever, my darling, and I share in your trials. Now you are finding new joy, and I see that Baby, while forcing her mama to remain cloistered, is able to compensate her with her kisses and kindness. If she could give her a little bit of time to come and see the little Carmelite [2r°] I would be very happy, but it won’t be before Christmas now at least because it will soon be Advent. The sacrifice is mutual, but it further strengthens our affection, and the joy of seeing each other again will be much greater.

     If only you knew how I enjoy reading your letters; it is a great pleasure to receive and read them. I am very interested in hearing about Baby, and her actions and gestures. But you don’t speak about yourself much, about your [2v°] inner feelings, which leads me to assume you are taking great strides towards perfection despite the problems and worries posed by your new life.

     As for me, my darling, I am happier and happier every day. I am savouring the happiness I longed for, but I need your prayers if I am to succeed imitating the generous souls around me. I can assure you I find myself most imperfect, so I’m counting on Céline helping me with her prayers.

     As for my health, I find the Carmel diet suits me; I am even healthier than I was in the world (however, the letters from Mother Agnès to the Guérins dated 29th November, 1st and 3rd December, show that the postulant was suffering from influenza).

[2v°tv] I will leave you, my darling, by sending you all my love… Give Baby a hug from me and remember me to your husband. Is he still glad he has a little daughter?...

Your little sister

Marie of the Eucharist


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