From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - End of August (?) 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - End of August (?) 1896.

+ Jesus J.MJ.T.

Dear little Céline,

I’ve come a bit late to thank you for your kind feast day wishes… I don’t dare apologize… A Carmelite should never apologize… anyway my apologies will eventually have no value in your eyes, all my letters begin with the same old story. This time it was God who was the cause of my lateness and it is to Him alone that you should complain. You might sometimes think that since I’ve been at the [lv°] Carmel, the rule forbids us from replying to letters and that this is the reason for my replies being increasingly late. Don’t be so sure, it’s not the case, on the contrary, especially when the letters are about God and souls.

I hope my letter finds you in Fervaques, you must be back by now (from La Musse. The Maudelondes replaced the Guérins there in summer. It is understood that Mr. Pottier stayed in Fervaques, at least for part of the time: the separation must have caused cousin Céline suffering), I waited before writing to you, not knowing where to find you. You tasted the sacrifice of separation for a while, I thought of you and thought that this little sacrifice would bring you even closer to God… Was I [2r°] mistaken?... When we have a few little trials, especially trials of the heart, we are very glad to find someone we can talk to, to whom we can entrust those we love, and without realizing it, we grow much closer to God… We realize that in Him we find those we love. Was this true for my little Céline?... Don’t think I forget you in my prayers, I know you need them, I often feel this, and God asks me to tell my dear little sister never to voluntarily abandon taking Communion, and to take it very [2v°] regularly. Since God has given her a Christian husband, she must make this grace from God bear fruit and thank Him by going to receive him as often as she can. He will never allow anything bad to happen to her in any way.

I must now talk about me, otherwise apparently my letter would have no charm. I am still very happy and I don’t regret coming here. To doubt my vocation is impossible, I’ve at last found what I was looking for. I am still in great need of prayers to become a saint, because a life of sacrifice sometimes seems hard on our human natures, but God gives me so many graces that I need to be very generous in order to respond to his love. Oh yes, my little Céline, if you want to please your little sister, you must desire to become a saint and you know that it’s not difficult, especially as you have been showered with God’s graces. Think back on your life and you’ll see that God has always granted you countless graces. You must respond to these graces by being very faithful to all your pious exercises: meditation, spiritual reading… What are you reading? What are you meditating on at the moment? You know that I take great interest in what you do and we can each in our own vocation become great saints. A mother of children who is very faithful to God, and who proves [lr°tv]her love by making small sacrifices, which are the soul’s little kindnesses to God, can in Heaven have much greater glory than a Carmelite nun. It all depends on the way in which we correspond to grace; if we are very, very faithful we become really saintly. It’s the only way. In Heaven we will see each other again and we shall certainly be united in a special way.

Bonds between souls don’t die. Oh yes! I love you, my dear little Céline, the name “sister” that we give each other is really true. Sometimes sisters don’t love each other, that is why your dear little daughter is very dear to me and why I’m not afraid of calling her “my little niece”. Aunt Clémence gave me news of her; it appears she got a fine complexion in La Musse and also some mischievousness… The story of the mea culpa amused us a great deal. People at the Carmel often inquire after Baby. She’s an important individual for the Carmelites. But the news that interests me even more is that [lv°tv°] of my little sister… Her soul; it is always her soul that interests me and I am very glad to receive her letters which tell me a great deal about it.

I will leave you, my darling, by sending you and Baby my biggest kiss. Remember me to your husband.

Your little sister who cherishes you.

Marie of the Eucharist


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