From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse - January 9, 1889

From Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

January 9, 1889


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My dear little daughter, I don't want the eve of such a beautiful day to pass by without speaking a little word to her from her Jesus. Her Jesus! He has made her a bed of lilies! "My beloved browses among the lilies!" says the spouse in the Canticle. I want to give my little daughter the only picture that is dear to me among all others. . . . Aunt at Le Mans gave it to me, and I am attached to it, for it says much to my heart. But all for the little fiancée of Jesus! What is too beautiful for her? Oh! yes, ". . .happy the lily that remained without spot until the hour of reaping."

One day, we shall reap, rejoicing! And this hour will come! And it will be a day without clouds, and the more we shall have suffered the more radiant that day will be. Then! then! Ah! I keep silent. . . . This day will be so beautiful, it will be so sweet, this day which will have no setting!! My whole heart to my dear angel, whom I adorned for Jesus on the day of her First Communion and whom I will adorn on the day of her espousals.

Marie of the Sacred Heart

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