From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Agnès of Jesus - May 21, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Sister Agnès of Jesus. 21st (?) May 1889.

Darling Lamb, your little note this morning brought me so much pleasure, write me another one please… This evening during Compline I thought of Papa, this time a year ago he was preparing for his poppet’s Profession (Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart was professed on 22nd May 1888)! And now! I feel I have an incurable wound, and that my heart is broken for ever more. Do you remember when he spoke about the trip he wanted to take to Canada (Mr. Martin’s plan either in June 1888, and which resulted in him running away to Le Havre, or in October 1888) and said [v°1]: “Yes, I have a goal and my goal is to love God with all my heart.” Little sister, I can still see his poor face as he said this to us. Ah! How I’m suffering, especially at certain times. I am very happy being on retreat, and yet I am hardly good at it. But being close to the One who understands all our tears is so restful.


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