From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Léonie - March 5, 1889.

From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Léonie. 5th March 1889

My darling little sister,

All that I’ve said to Céline also applies to you however there is something in particular I want to say to you. I haven’t forgotten you my little Léonie, I’m following you step by step. Don’t grow discouraged if life is sad, it will pass!... and all that passes is short. Don’t dream about what’s to come too much, you must let God sort out our future. He is much better at it than us and never abandons those who entrust themselves to Him. You see, since our great trial, which I asked God to take away from [v°] us and which on the contrary he overwhelmed us with, I’ve taken the decision to surrender everything to him, and place everything in his hands. Does he not love us enough to take much better care of us than we would be able to do?

See you soon my darling little sister, take heart, let us make a beautiful crown out of all our trials…

M. of the S.H.

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