From Pauline to her Mother - January 21, 1877.

From Pauline to her Mother. 21st January 1877.

Dear Mother,

I was very happy on awards day, I certainly didn’t expect to pass every subject, if only I could have the white crown, what a joy it would be for you, my darling Mother, so I’m going to put all my effort into attaining it. Aunt was very pleased with my report, she hopes to see her Pauline soon become a Child of Mary… all the secrets are going to be revealed, what bliss!... I am very much looking forward to 2nd February, and I’m (1v°) very glad to see that time is passing and that the day is fast approaching.

Aunt is no worse than on the first day of term; I still see her regularly on Thursdays, and several times in the mornings. Sister Marie Louise de Gonzague often gives me news of her, if only you knew, dear Mother, what a good first Mistress we have. The whole School loves and venerates her, which she deserves for virtue attracts all hearts. I would like to be able to prove my gratitude to her for all the kindness she shows me, but I would be unable to, so I task the Heart of Jesus to pay my debts and do so very generously.

I think, dear Mother, that you will all go walking today for the weather is (2r°) magnificent. I’m sure Thérèse and Céline are going to be very glad and more cheerful than usual, I don’t know whether lovely sunshine has the same effect on everybody, but I personally am more likely to be joyful when I see a cloudless Sky. I am also going to take advantage of this fine weather, if Aunt was well we could have gone to see my little garden like we used to!... but alas those days are gone… if only they could return!...

I showed my album to Aunt, she found it very pretty and so did my classmates. Marie-Thérèse (Marie-Thérèse Pallu du Bellay) didn’t come back until a week after us, she had been running slight bouts of temperature but fortunately she is better now. Our first class is nonetheless not complete yet, there are only five of us at the present time, the one still missing is sick but will come back soon.

(2 v°) Dear Mother, I hope to hear from you this week, Aunt told me to tell you that it would be best if you waited for my letters before sending yours so that you can answer the questions I sometimes ask you, that way you could write your letters on Sundays and then add something to them when you receive mine.

Goodbye dear Mother, please be good enough to give kisses and lots and lots of affection to my dear father, Marie, Thérèse, Céline, Léonie, Grandmother and Louise, (I hope I’m not forgetting anybody).

Your darling little daughter


21st January 1877. ½ past 1.

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