From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 2 - April 5, 1863.


April 5, 1863

… Marie is always the same; she’s doing very well and speaks to us of her uncle in Paris [the young Isidore].

Little Pauline walks very well now, and she almost never falls. She’s very cute and is beginning to talk well. Her health is delicate, but she’s coming along little by little. She knows everything or almost everything by its name. Right now she’s sitting next to me on the desk and doesn’t want to leave me alone, so what I’m writing is all crooked.

Believe me, she already loves to dress up. When we tell her that we’re going out, she runs quickly to the closet where her most beautiful dress is and extends her little face saying, “Wash me.” I find all this marvelous, as if it weren’t perfectly natural….

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