From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 8 - May 16, 1864.

From Mme Martin to her brother

May 16, 1864

You tell me that our aunt in Paris (Madame Ambroise Guérin, sister-in-law of Monsieur Guérin, Sr ) should come this week. That makes us very happy, and we’re already rejoicing. Marie does nothing but talk about it. She asks me if we’ll put on the tablecloth, if we’ll eat cake, if we’ll drink wine and liqueurs; all of this interests her very much.

You say she’ll spend only one day at our house. We’ll see when she’s with us. I’d like her to stay much longer. But if you can persuade her not to come until next week, I’d be much happier for the following reason: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are the fast days of Quatre-Temps. You know that Louis is a strict observer of the Precepts of the Church – he would neither want nor eat meat, nor would he not fast for all the riches in the world, and I doubt my aunt would be as faithful to her duty. When Monsieur D came this Lent, you couldn’t believe how uncomfortable we were. Louis fasted alone, since I find myself exempt from fasting for the moment. He watched us eat good things while he took nothing but his light meal. And I could serve only lean meat. So, try then to arrange it for the following week and tell us the day and the hour. We’ll wait for our good aunt at the station.

My father has almost made up his mind to spend a few days in Paris. I believe he’ll go with my aunt.

I know of nothing new in Alençon. I expect that you’ll have a little nephew – or niece – in the month of October. This baby will go to a wet nurse, unfortunately, since I’m unable to nurse the baby myself anymore (Marie-Hélène, who was born October 13, 1864 ) It’s in God’s hands.

Little Léonie is not doing well. She doesn’t seem to want to walk. She’s by no means big and fat. However, she’s not sick; she’s just very frail and small. She just got over the measles and was very sick; she had very strong convulsions.

Pauline is always the same. She’s very funny and very mischievous. I think I’ll take her to Le Mans tomorrow to see my sister. Marie will not go; one will be enough to pester me! The other day I was praying the Marian devotions for the month of May with her, and I told her to pray to God for you. She interrupted her prayer, crying because she wanted to see her uncle!


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