From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 9 - June 21, 1864.


From Mme Martin to her brother

June 21, 1864

I think my father and my aunt arrived last night in Paris) in good health. I’d very much like to have some news. I’m asking you because my father wouldn’t want to write. Above all, don’t tire him too much by running around. Ask him to bring us back his portrait and yours, but done by the hand of a master, so it doesn’t have to be done again. He can give us this little gift.

He forgot to take the package that Monsieur R (Vital Romet) had given him. I saw that it was a number of small boxes containing all sorts of lozenges, so I thought it was for you when you have a cold; so I’ll keep it until further notice. Tell me what I should do with it and if I can give some to my three little girls to try. Otherwise, we won’t touch it anymore, and we’ll treat it as if it were a relic!

I have nothing new to tell you. I expect my father will tell you all that he knows. Remind him to light a candle for himself and for me in Notre-Dame des Victoires. He promised me he would.
Your loving sister, Z. Martin.


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