From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 17 - December 10, 1865.

From Mme Martin to her brother

December 10, 1865

We received your letter which made us very, very happy. I didn’t think you were so good, so I dreamed impossible dreams that I don’t dare tell you here because you’d make fun of me! I’ll tell them to you if they come true.

I would never have suspected that my father was so sensitive. My husband gave him your letter to read and he cried. We pretended not to notice so we wouldn’t embarrass him. Finally, we were all excited, our hearts overflowing with affection for one another.

As you know, for a long time my father has intended to leave the house near us where he’s living to move into his own house on the rue Saint-Blaise. I’m very concerned about this because my poor father doesn’t know how to manage on his own. It’s necessary that I look after him in order to prolong his days. Otherwise, I would be constantly worried.

Probably, he already told his landlord because yesterday some people came to see the house. It was going to be rented, and I didn’t have a single moment to lose. But what could I do? Unfortunately, the one on the rue Saint-Blaise is vacant, and I had no hope of being able to convince him to take on two houses. However, I’ve prayed to the Blessed Mother that he’ll stay here.

When I talked to him about this he was furious, but I pointed out that I couldn’t do without him and that he was a great help to me. In other words, I begged him to stay. My husband joined me. He eventually left and didn’t say anything more. I had finally convinced him. Imagine, seeing him alone until the end of his days in that house on the rue Saint-Blaise, far from all that he needs! Did I not do the right thing?

I discussed something else with him. I hope you won’t be upset. Well, I told him that we’d take responsibility for the rent of his current house for this year and that we’d each pay half when you’re established. But he wanted none of it. Finally, worn out and overcome by my deluge of words, he left. I followed him every step of the way to his house. I wanted his consent. He didn’t raise his voice, all he did was say weakly, “Leave me in peace,” and he smiled.

I didn’t ask for anything more, and I went to renew the lease for three years. Now, I’m happy, my mind is at ease. You wouldn’t believe the burden that’s been lifted from my shoulders! But I’m going to write “the saint of Le Mans” (Sister Marie-Dosithée) to ask her to pray to God so that the house on the rue Saint-Blaise will be rented, because my father would worry a great deal if it were not. I’m going to post it throughout the city.

My little Hélène no longer has a fever, and Léonie is also much better.


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