From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 18 - April 22, 1866.

From Mme Martin to her brother

April 22, 1866

Today I learned from Monsieur Vital Romet, whom you had told, of your decision to buy the pharmacy in Lisieux (at the corner of Place Thiers and Grand-Rue - today Place St. Pierre) from Monsieur Pierre Fournet (Isidore will marry Monsieur Fournet’s daughter on September 11, 1866). I didn’t write to you on Thursday because I was very confused by what I should say to you. I didn’t want to advise you, not knowing enough about the matter. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have wanted to deter you. I entrusted it all to the will and the grace of God. Now, all is decided and, good or bad, we mustn’t worry about it anymore; that would not get us anywhere.

I feel very sorry for you, my poor friend. You’re going to enter into real life, full of misery, worries and work. You truly must have courage and patience, because you’re not finished struggling. You’ll work as much as the Trappists and the reward will be much less grand. I assure you that I was very upset all day thinking of you. I’d like to see you happy, and it seems to me that that’s not going to happen soon. If only you were lucky enough to meet a woman like the one I wish for you. She would make you happy, but they’re very rare, and I hardly know any. Only God could put her hand in yours, to give her to you.

I was very surprised that you hadn’t let our sister in Le Mans know (Sr Marie-Dosithée). I believed you had more faith, and I thought you would have commended yourself to her prayers for something like this, on which your future depends. I wrote her on Thursday so that she would pray for you, and I told her that you were about to buy a pharmacy. Poor Élise had written to me two weeks ago asking for news about you, complaining that she had not received any news directly from you.

I see nothing more to add. My heart is not very cheerful, so I don’t feel up to speaking about anyone else and enjoying myself laughing.

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