From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 19 - November 18, 1866.


From Mme Martin to her brother

November 18, 1866

I received your letter, which kept us waiting a long time. My husband was sorry that you didn’t write. As for me, I find, as you do, that it’s better to wait until you have something new to tell us.

It hurts me that you’re still thinking of the little squabbles that you and I have had. They’re nothing, and I forgot them long ago. I’ve known you for a long time, and I know you love me and that you have a good heart. If I needed you, I’m sure you wouldn’t let me down. Our friendship is sincere. It doesn’t consist of fine words, it’s true, but it’s not any less solid, and it’s built on stone. Neither time, nor man, nor even death will ever destroy it.

Marriage must not put a distance between our hearts, and I’m quite convinced that your affection for me is still the same (Isidore and Élisa-Céline Fournet were married on September 11, 1866).

As for my affection, it’s doubled. I still love you very much and my dear sister-in-law as much as you. You don’t know how happy I am to think that you made such a good choice. Before your marriage, as I’ve said to you many times, I was very anxious about your future. Now, I find that your happiness is assured. As our dear sister in Le Mans has told you many times, I think that you’ve always been lucky and that God has unceasingly protected you in a visible way.

I wonder if my plan to go to see you will ever be realized. I encounter so many obstacles that I dream about them at night. For example, one time I dreamed that I left, and I saw my husband make a long face, saying that I was leaving him in a predicament. The next day, I told him about my dream, and he said that I had dreamed the truth. He didn’t need to tell me; I know him well. It’s also true that it isn’t easy for me to be away, above all because of my lace business. And then, when it’s necessary to leave four children for two weeks, it’s a little long. However, I really want to get away, but I don’t know how to do it. If I were able to go and return in the same day, I would have done it already.

I just came back from seeing my little Joseph (he was then with a wet nurse, Rose Taillé, who lived in Semallé, 8 km from Alençon). Oh! My beautiful little boy, he’s so big and strong! It’s impossible to wish for better. I never had a child who did so well, except for Marie. Ah! If you knew how I love my little Joseph! I believe my fortune is made!

Kiss my sister-in-law for me. Tell her that I truly love her. A little letter as soon as possible would make me so happy!


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