From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 22 - May 3, 1867.

From Mme Martin to her brother

May 3, 1867

It’s impossible for me to leave Monday for Lisieux. I must postpone my trip for a week because I have 25 meters of Alençon lace to send out at the end of next week. It will be very difficult to manage to do it, although I have as much help as possible. But by using the lamp to lengthen the days, I hope to succeed.

You mustn’t worry if you’re delayed at the pharmacy when I come to Lisieux. My intention is not to go here and there. If this was my only reason for coming, I wouldn’t be looking forward to it so much; my reason is to be with you.

First, I don’t like going out. You mention Trouville (27 km from Lisieux), but I care little for the sea. However, I’m very grateful for your thoughtfulness. You spare no expense to make me happy, it’s too much! Later, when the girls are grown, we’ll see; then we’ll take many little trips together to the countryside. In the meantime, we’ll simply visit Lisieux. Don’t be afraid that I’ll be bored; there’s no danger of that!

Thank my sister-in-law for her kindness in wanting me to bring the girls (Léonie and Hélène) but I prefer to wait until next year. They’re still very young to get up so early. It’s true we could leave on the eight o’clock train, but I’ll already have too little time because it’s impossible for me to stay more than two days. I must absolutely return on Wednesday.

So count on me for Monday at eight. I’ll only write you if I have an unforeseen difficulty, something I don’t expect and greatly fear.


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