From Mme Martin to the Guérins CF 23 - December 1, 1867.


From Mme Martin to the Guérins

December 21, 1867

On Thursday, the 19th, at ten-fifteen in the morning, my little Marie-Joseph-Jean-Baptiste was born. He’s very strong and quite lively, but I had a terrible time and the baby was in the greatest danger. For four hours I suffered the most severe pain I’ve ever felt. The poor little one was almost asphyxiated, and the doctor baptized him before his birth. Now, I’m perfectly fine. I got up for a little while, and I’m taking advantage of it by writing to you. I wish with all my heart, my dear sister, that you’ll be happier than I am. I ask God that it be so and that He give you a beautiful baby.

I won’t write any more now; soon I’ll send you a longer letter.

My little one just left with the wet nurse. I’m afraid he won’t be easy to raise. He cried from Thursday night until this morning, that is, thirty-six hours non-stop. The wet nurse did not undress for two nights. Last night I was so sorry to see the poor little one writhing in pain that I didn’t sleep. I was crying, as was the wet nurse, who didn’t want to take him with her because she was too afraid that he would die at her house. This morning, the doctor reassured us. The baby was very calm all morning long, all he did was sleep, and he was sleeping when he left this afternoon.


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