From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 44 - February 3, 1869.


From Mme Martin to her brother

February 3, 1869

I’m happy that you’re doing well and your sales are going up. As for me, I’m not too sure how my business is doing. I make lace to sell without knowing if it will sell well. I’m always hopeful when I work without worrying too much, since God has allowed that we have enough money now to live in peace.

As for my health, it’s not bad, nor is that of the whole family. It’s been nearly two weeks since I received news from the little girls in Le Mans, and I’m very annoyed. I miss seeing them very much.

Don’t worry that your little Jeanne is too lively. That won’t keep her from being an excellent child later on and from being a comfort to you. I remember that Pauline was the same way until the age of two. I was very upset about it, and now, she’s my best child. I must tell you that I didn’t spoil her, and, as little as she was, I didn’t let her get away with anything, yet without making a martyr out of her, but she had to obey.

I believe your little girl will soon be walking on her own. If she weren’t so lively, she would do it sooner. However, you who were as clever as a devil, you were running like a rabbit at nine months!

Where did you get the idea that I told you I wanted to receive something for the baby I’m expecting? On the contrary, I’d told you that if you put yourselves out it would make me very unhappy because I have all I need, and I promise you, the baby will be well dressed. I chose a very good godfather and a very good godmother (Vital Romet and Céline Guérin) so half the things are already made.

The baby is due April 20. We’ll baptize him privately as soon as possible because, unfortunately, the baptism in the church won’t be able to take place before the month of August or September.


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