From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 47 - July 11, 1869.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin 

July 11, 1869

I’m very happy that Marie has made her First Communion, despite her young age (she was nine and a half years old). If you knew how well-prepared she was. She looked like a little saint. The chaplain told me he was very satisfied with her. He awarded her the first prize for Catechism.

The two days I spent in Le Mans were the most beautiful days of my life. I’ve rarely felt such happiness. My sister was feeling better. Marie told me that she prayed so much for her aunt that she was sure God would answer her prayers.

I noticed that our poor sister didn’t realize her condition at all. Mother Superior came to speak to me and sent me several times to reassure her and lead her to believe that she’s not dangerously ill. I asked the Sisters what they thought about it. From what I noticed and what the chaplain told me, there are grave fears. She has a very diseased lung. However, the doctor doesn’t despair completely. He thinks that with a lot of care she might get better.

I’m longing to see you again, as well as little Jeanne. I’ll do my best to find ways for you to relax. We’re going to the country. Count on staying with us for at least two weeks. But I’d very much like my dear Isidore to come also. If he doesn’t, that will hurt me very much.

Little Céline is doing wonderfully. She’s beginning to babble, she’s already very advanced. I haven’t seen her for two weeks because she’s with the wet nurse. I’m about to go see her. However, it’s very hot, but I’ve never gone so long without seeing her.

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