From Mme Martin to the Guérins CF 48 - August 29, 1869.


From Mme Martin to the Guérins

August 29, 1869

We’re expecting you Saturday night without fail. Monsieur Romet was notified, and all the invitations are finished. I’ll do my best to make it a beautiful celebration and see that everyone has a good time.

I think it will be completely unnecessary to bring me a baptismal cape for the baby (Céline will be baptized in the parish church of St. Pierre de Montsort in Alençon on September 5). It’s too hot. We’re overjoyed to see you again, and the children speak of nothing else. I won’t write any more since we’ll see you at the end of the week.

However, I must tell you that little Céline is with her third wet nurse. Seeing how difficult it is to find a good one, I wanted to try again to keep the baby at home. She was doing very well, but after four days she came down with a fever and enteritis. We hurried to go find her a wet nurse in Semallé. This time, I think she’s in the right place with Mme Georges - prior to her, Céline was in the care of a wet nurse in Alençon which proved disastrous). I went to see her on Wednesday, and she seemed on the right road to recovery.

I’ve already gone through many ordeals with this child. I feel I’m wearing myself out, and I have the impression that I won’t live long. During the six days I was taking care of the little one, I had a fever every day. This was not so much from fatigue as from anxiety. I feared what did, in fact, happen, that she would have to go back to the wet nurse.

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