From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 49 - January (?) or October 1869


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

January (?) or October 1869

My children speak to me often of your little Jeanne, and they ask me if she’s coming back soon. Léonie calls her “the little boy Jeanne.” We’re having a hard time making her understand that Jeanne’s a little girl and not a boy. She understands things so slowly, but she’s always been sickly, and I hope she’ll develop later on.

Hélène had the measles and was very sick. For three days I was worried; now, she’s doing very well except for sore eyes, left over from her illness. However, she won’t be going out too soon; she stayed in bed for a week and inside the house for three weeks. Léonie had the measles at the same time as her sister, and for the third time. She went through it without staying in bed and almost didn’t suffer.

Marie and Pauline went back to the Visitation Monastery on the 8th of this month. They like it there a lot and love their aunt very much, but they like being with their mama even better. Marie shed so many tears when she had to leave, and I did also. I miss them very much, and I’m making a great sacrifice in sending them far away from me.

My oldest daughter is becoming very reasonable. We see that she tries very hard to correct herself of her little faults, but she’s so loving! When she sees that it hurts me, she bursts into tears. Pauline is very cute and wins everyone’s heart, but she has an exuberance without equal. It’s stronger than she is, so her aunt criticizes me for it.

Last Thursday I received a letter from my sister giving me better news about her health. This doesn’t keep me from worrying, I’m afraid we’ll not keep her with us for long. She’ll be delighted about it because she looks upon death with joy, but for all of us, it will be a great sorrow and a true misfortune for my children.

I’m doing very well at the moment. I’m too happy for it to last because neither on one side nor the other do I have any big problems. My business is neither going well nor poorly, and I wish it were always that way. Oh well, for the moment, the only thing I’m lacking is trouble! 

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