From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 56 - June 10, 1870.



From  Mme Martin to Mme Guérin


June 10, 1870

Little Céline seems very intelligent, but I have to spend three quarters of my day taking care of her. She’s in excellent health and walks very well on her own. It’s so funny to see this tiny little girl walking so easily that, on the street, people stop to look at her. She’s no bigger than a six-month old and hardly speaks. Her father loves her very much because she always wants to go to him, so he often takes her for a walk.

I’m frightened at the thought of caring at home for the little one I’m expecting. Sometimes I waver in my resolution. I could get sick over it because I already have more work than I can handle. If I find a good wet nurse, I think I’d decide to entrust the baby to her.

On this subject, I must tell you that I have a godfather and a godmother for the baby. The godfather is my husband’s cousin, Monsieur de Lacauve, a battalion commander, and the godmother is Mademoiselle X. She’s the one who arranged all this. She wanted to be godmother and told me this a long time ago, but I didn’t have a godfather distinguished enough to please her. I didn’t want to say anything. Finally, I thought of the handsome cousin who had previously refused to be a godfather, but this time he accepted wholeheartedly.

From what I told him of the young lady, he’s dreaming of marriage, despite his 43 years. It’s true he doesn’t look his age. Mademoiselle X asked me how old he was. She thought a moment and said, “That’s a little old.” I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to happen. He’s from the nobility, and decorated – a decoration he earned at the point of a sword. He also has, or should have, a nice fortune from his parents, unless he lost it. He inherited it nearly 30 years ago. If he’s put aside the income, it should have given him one hundred thousand francs, but I doubt it. I’m very happy to have Mademoiselle X as godmother. However, I would have preferred to do things more simply.

Goodbye, my dear sister, I don’t have time to write more. I began this letter two days ago. I have to look after my Céline. I’m the one who makes her eat, and she eats everything, but a little at a time. She truly has a special preference for her father. When he’s there, no one else can hold her. She shouts with all her might to go to him, and when we want to take her from him, we have to pull her away by force.

From what I see, little Jeanne will become quite a scholar. She already writes rather well. Kiss her for me and tell her that her aunt loves her with all her heart.

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