From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 68 - July 30, 1871.

From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

July 30, 1871

… I had a hard week! We’ve moved (the family left the house on the rue du Pont-Neuf and moved into 36, rue Saint-Blaise - later the number was changed to 42 and it is currently number 50). I had enough people. However, we had to put everything in its place. I was so tired in the evenings I couldn’t sleep, and, with that, I had to take care of little Céline.

I don’t have a maid anymore. A month ago my maid came down with rheumatoid arthritis. I took care of her for three weeks. We had to watch over her day and night. I had someone from her village come who stayed two weeks, but she didn’t work out. Finally, last Monday, I had my patient transported on a bed by carriage. Her mother is going to take care of her. I think she’ll still be with her for some time, but since I know she’s not going to die from it, I’ll wait for her. I’m very fond of her and she of me. For the time being, I have a cleaning woman.

I leave Tuesday for Le Mans to pick up my little girls. While it’s a great joy, it’s also a lot more work.

I tormented my husband so much that he decided to sell part of his Crédit Foncier stock, with a loss of thirteen hundred francs out of eleven thousand francs that it brought in. If my brother needs money and asks for it right away and he tells me it’s necessary to sell the rest, Louis won’t be pleased to lose so much.

I don’t have time to write more, I have so much to do at home. Above all, it’s little Céline who gives me trouble. She’s becoming temperamental. We’ve spoiled her too much.

We’ve settled in perfectly. My husband had the house arranged exactly as I like it. You’ll see the beautiful bedroom that we’ll give you when you come, but unfortunately that time is still far away. Oh well, I hope it will be next year, with the three babies…. Also, you must be honest and tell me what I need to give to my little goddaughter or godson, but I think it’s going to be a goddaughter, by the fear I have over it because of you!

My husband hasn’t forgotten his little goddaughter, Marie. He bought her a gold chain for her neck, with a cross.

Goodbye, my dear sister, I look forward to hearing from you. Hug my brother and my two little nieces for me.


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