From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 72 - October 17, 1871.

From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

October 17, 1871

The tragedy you’ve just suffered saddens me deeply. You are truly being tested. This is one of your first sorrows, my poor dear sister! May God grant you resignation to His holy will. Your dear little baby is at His side. He sees you, he loves you, and you will see him again one day. That is a great consolation I’ve felt and still feel.

When I closed the eyes of my dear little children and when I buried them, I felt great pain, but it was always with resignation. I didn’t regret the sorrows and the problems that I had endured for them. Several people said to me, “It would be much better never to have had them.” I can’t bear that kind of talk. I don’t think the sorrows and problems could be weighed against the eternal happiness of my children. So they weren’t lost forever. Life is short and full of misery. We’ll see them again in Heaven.

Above all, it was on the death of my first child that I felt more deeply the happiness of having a child in Heaven, for God showed me in a noticeable way that he accepted my sacrifice. Through the intercession of my little angel, I received a very extraordinary grace.

My little Hélène, who, since then, has gone to join him, was suffering from an earache for six months, and this illness kept getting worse. I had consulted several doctors and other people who, supposedly, were very knowledgeable, but nothing was working. It got to the point that she was wearing a bandage, and the pus that gave off an unbearable odor would seep through the bandage in less than two hours. Finally, the poor little girl couldn’t hear any more on the side she had the earache.

One day, while returning from taking her to the doctor, who didn’t have anything good to say, and seeing the helplessness of everyone, the inspiration came to me to turn to my little Joseph, who had died five weeks earlier. So I took the child and asked her to say a prayer to her little brother. The next morning her ear was completely cured. The discharge had stopped all of a sudden, and the little one never again felt any pain. I’ve also received several other graces, but less notable than this one.

You see, my dear sister, it’s a very good thing to have little angels in Heaven, but it’s no less painful to lose them. These are the great sorrows of our life.

How I wish I were near you to console you! If I listened to what I’d like to do, I’d arrive in Lisieux next Sunday. But I’m afraid of tiring you out, considering how weak you are. So I’m resigned to wait.

A moment ago I was saying to my husband that I would leave the Sunday before All Saints’ Day and return on Wednesday, but unfortunately, the feast day falls on that Wednesday. I’d have to move up my return in order not to travel on a holy day, so I prefer to postpone my trip until the following week. For a long time I’ve felt the need to see you all. I would have wanted it to be for a happy occasion, but since God did not allow it, we must accept it.


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