From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 74 - November 26, 1871.


From Mme Martin to her brother

November 26, 1871

I’ll take the train to Lisieux on Sunday, at three-thirty in the morning. I tried to make different arrangements, but I didn’t see anything better. It’s impossible for me to leave on Saturday this time, and on Sunday, I can’t travel all morning. That would be against my principles because I believe that we have to be very careful not to contribute to work on Sunday. However, I’ll have to return Tuesday morning. I won’t be able to stay any longer. I always have orders that are urgent, and I can’t get away from them. I didn’t want to continue my business at the moment, and I‘m so forced to because they plead with me. Oh well, the main thing is that we’ll see each other. We’ll still have two days to talk.

So I’m going to finish my letter right away. I want to keep all I have to tell you until next week.

I still find it hard to believe I’m leaving. There might be some new unforeseen difficulties. I won’t believe I’m on my way until I’m on the train. I hope, though, that there won’t be any obstacles because if I don’t take advantage of this moment of rest, my departure will be postponed until I don’t know when. In order to be able to leave on Sunday, for the last week I’ve been working until midnight. So I plan to ship my piece of Alençon lace on Friday night.

I’m asking you not to give extravagant New Year’s presents. I would be very upset over it! I know you’d only be doing it to make me happy. Your motive would be enough because I know you’re usually too generous.

It upsets me to have made you hold a promissory note for seven thousand francs. You already have too many financial obligations. So I’ve definitely decided not to accept any interest on this amount.


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