From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 76 - December 28, 1871.


From Mme Martin to her brother

December 28, 1871

Yesterday I received the box containing your New Year’s gifts. I can’t tell you I was happy because I’d be lying. I found that you’d spent at least double what was necessary. Oh well, you’re incorrigible, and I wish with all my heart that the giving of New Year’s gifts was no longer the custom. This wouldn’t prevent the giving of gifts, but at least it wouldn’t be at a fixed time. It would be when we want to.

However, Léonie doesn’t agree with me. If you could have seen her yesterday, she was wild with joy. She was trembling with it. Little Céline opened her eyes wide. She was completely dumbfounded. She stayed that way for a long time, amazed, hugging her bunny. When we told her it was her godmother who had sent it, as well as her beautiful dress, she replied in a tone of regret, “I don’t know her, my godmother…. She’s kind, you say?”

I sent for the dressmaker this morning. She’s coming Tuesday to make the dress. If you were the one who chose this fabric, I congratulate you. You have very good taste. It’s very pretty.

My husband went to find Monsieur Leconte, director of the Hospice Pharmacy, to give him your letter. He said that he hadn’t had the time to examine your current prices and that he couldn’t change suppliers if he didn’t see any benefit in it. Finally, he said he’d do what he thought possible, but he had enough stock for two months.

Louis was disillusioned and I even more so. However, he hasn’t decided to let it go. If you don’t do business with this man, it’s because there will be no way to do it. But I tell myself that it’s impossible for you to supply him at the same price, since you buy at the same price they do. Your drug business worries me as much as you. I’ve never looked upon it with joy. God willing, it will turn out better than I think!

I’m sorry that your poor dear wife has gotten to the point where she can’t move. But I think this will only be temporary. When will all her troubles end? Give her a big hug for me, tell her that I thank her a thousand times for the pretty dress she sent to Céline. She is too good, the beautiful little rabbit was more than enough. But finally, there’s nothing to say except thank you.

I wish you all the blessings of Heaven. If God answers my prayer, you will be the happiest of men, in this world and the next….

 © Society of St. Paul / Alba House


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