From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore CF 77 - January 6, 1872.


From Mme Martin to her brother

January 6, 1872

Friday I went to Le Mans to bring back my daughters. Their aunt and their teachers are very pleased with them. Marie is an excellent student, and Pauline learns everything she wants and applies herself very much. She’s the most advanced child in her age group. She’s only eleven years old, and there are some who are fourteen years old and below her. One day when Marie was talking to her while they were studying, she said to her, “Don’t waste our time because this costs Papa and Mama money.” Both of them are a credit to us.

Yesterday I saw Madame Tifenne who was very kind. She spoke about you a lot and seems to take a very big interest in you. She was supposed to come to see me today and bring Léonie’s New Year’s gifts because she knows how much I dislike going to her house this time of year, as if I’m looking for them. So I didn’t bring Léonie to her house.

My sister is terribly sad because of you. Your wife has gone through so much with her health that it saddens all of us.

I’d spoken to you of the balance my father owed on the house he had built. We thought the contractor didn’t want it because we’d asked him about it many times and never received an answer. My father had refused to pay him, saying that the contractor had charged him too much and he wanted to have an appraisal done beforehand.

Well! Two weeks ago that man came to ask for the money. Of course, we paid it, as well as the interest on this amount that hadn’t been paid for eight years. My husband said to me, “I insist that Isidore not pay his share of it. He’s been far too good to you.” I’m telling you this to show you how good Louis is.

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