From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 78 - April 24, 1872.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

April 24, 1872

I’m happy to learn of your complete recovery. I was sure that the good weather would make you feel completely better, but my brother was right to insist that you go to Trouville (seaside resort on the northern French coast approximately 28 to 30 kilometers from Lisieux); you need the sea air to restore your strength.

Now, I’m in absolute slavery due to orders coming in one after the other that don’t allow me a moment’s rest. I have almost a hundred meters of Alençon lace to make. Last week I received more orders, totaling more than fifteen thousand francs.

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from my two little girls and my sister. She really took me to task because I had written to her that I didn’t think the Easter vacation was long enough. My poor sister has a very difficult time with us. I’m not happy, and, on the other side, the children can’t get used to school. Every time they go back, there’s nothing but tears and lamentations. She has to threaten to expel them in order to calm them down. I’m hardly more reasonable than they are. It’s difficult for me to do without my little girls. If it weren’t for their own good, I wouldn’t have the courage to be apart from them.

You mentioned the collection they made in Lisieux for the war indemnity. There was also one in Alençon a month ago, with a cavalcade and a masked ball. This was not very edifying, especially during Lent, but our residents of Alençon don’t look at it so closely. It seems that they’re taking a liking to it and want to do it again soon.

You must, my dear sister, send me your lace. I’m going to have it whitened like new for you, and I’ll mend it if it’s missing anything. It will be a real pleasure to do this little thing for you. I’d like to have the chance to do bigger things.

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