From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 96 - April 27, 1873.

From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

April 27, 1873

I was happy to learn that you’ve found a suitable place to reestablish your drug business. With all my heart, I want you to succeed better than you have in the past with this famous enterprise that’s already given my brother so many problems. Oh well, I have confidence in the future. You are good Christians, and I can’t help believing that, if God tested you, He’ll fully make it up to you by making you prosper beyond all expectations.

Marie is not doing well. She still has a fever, and along with this, she suffers a lot of foot pain. From what Monsieur Vital told me, she’ll have it still for a long time. They assure me that if I get away with her having it for only a month, I’ll have nothing to complain about. There’s a fine consolation! Oh well, we hope that all these people are false prophets….

Goodbye, my dear sister. Give your little girls a big hug for me. Tell Isidore to write me when he can and tell me how much the estimate of the merchandise has gone up. My husband would like to know, and I want to know how much they value his losses.


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