From Mme Martin to Pauline CF 99 - May 1873.

From Mme Martin to Pauline

May 1873

My dear Pauline,

Marie was much better Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday, Wednesday, she had a bad day, and her fever came back worse than before.

Last night was a very good night. I only had to get up once to give her something to drink. She no longer has a headache, and she almost isn’t deaf anymore. The doctor found her much better, and I think she’s on the road to recovery.

She’s bored to death of always being in bed and regrets above all her compositions and the prizes she’s going to lose. To console her, I tell her that I’m going to buy her some books, but that’s not what she needs. It’s not my books she wants!

I try every way possible to lift her spirits. Tuesday evening I made a list of everything she’ll do when she’s cured. This made her very happy, but I had the misfortune of saying, “You’ll be much happier than Pauline.” At that very moment, she covered her face with her blanket and began to sob. I could no longer console her. As soon as she thinks of you, the same thing happens….

She pestered us all day so that I’d send you your hat. I didn’t find this very helpful, but to make her happy, I asked Mademoiselle Pauline Romet if she could take care of bringing it to you. When you receive it, write to Marie that you like it a lot. I hope now that she’s going to get better and better. If I can see my little Pauline at the end of May, I’ll be very happy.

Céline is eagerly looking forward to seeing you. She speaks of it every day and says that she wants to sit next to you at the table. She sings pretty little songs that Mademoiselle Philomène teaches her. She’s very intelligent. She learned all her letters in two weeks, and she’d know how to read now if Marie hadn’t been sick. But for five weeks I haven’t made her spell once. However, she likes it a lot and often goes to get her book.

Tell your aunt that I don’t have time to write her because today is Thursday, and I have a lot of work. All morning I have to take care of Marie and receive my workers.

Goodbye, my dear Pauline. I hug you with all my heart.

© Society of St. Paul / Alba House

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