From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 120 - July 24, 1874.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

July 24, 1874

I’m very pleased that you’ve set the date of your trip to Alençon for August 15. That will give us one more day to spend together. Don’t worry about causing me any problems. It’s not a problem for me, but a great pleasure. I don’t allow myself much recreation, and I can certainly sacrifice a few days a year.

I’m delighted that all our little girls will be reunited. They have to get to know each other. Tell Jeanne (Jeanne and Marie at that time) we’ve made her a pretty little garden very near the one she had in the past, which doesn’t exist anymore because we put a stone bench in its place.

The children’s vacation starts August 3. How eagerly they’ll look forward to your visit once they know you’re coming! They wrote me two days ago. Pauline tells me she’ll probably have only two prizes, and she’s very afraid I’ll be sad. She advises me not to be because she worked as hard as she could. This is quite true because she’s the most studious in her class and among the top students, although she’s the youngest.

Marie also tells me she’s not counting on having many prizes, and that the teachers are in a very awkward position because there are four or five students equally as learned. Pauline is studying drawing and making remarkable progress. The nuns assured me she had an amazing aptitude, not for one thing but for everything in general.

I’m very satisfied with my two oldest daughters, and, on the other hand, I’m deeply saddened to see Léonie as she is. Sometimes I have hope, but often I lose heart. My sister told me however that she’s convinced Léonie will become a saint.

She’s going to take lessons in the afternoon at the home of two elderly women (former nuns) who taught in the past and can cope better. I’m happy to have found them, but it’s painful to have to go there because she’d be much better off with her sisters.

Soon we’ll have the happiness of seeing each other. I hope the political situation doesn’t prevent us, neither this year nor the next. I’ve never had such peace of mind in this respect. I don’t concern myself with any events outside of my little Thérèse! I cared about the events too much, and I’m weary to the point that nothing moves me anymore. I’ve heard too much advice of all kinds, and I finally noticed that nothing turned out the way they thought or said it would.

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