From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore and his wife CF 121 - August 9, 1874.

From Mme Martin to the Guérins

August 9, 1874

… As we agreed, I’m expecting you Friday evening. Monday I went to pick up my daughters in Le Mans. Marie was nominated eighteen times and received nine beautiful prizes. Pauline was nominated thirteen times and received four first prizes. She’s making remarkable progress in drawing. They told me she was an artist and if she was encouraged, she’d go far.

My little Thérèse has been very sick this week. It’s true that it was only her teeth, but what a state she was in! Her mouth was a pitiful sight and I was worried about her tongue. It was swollen and so full of big sores that she could no longer take anything, and it was impossible to make her drink. I saw the doctor, who told me to force her to take some milk all the same. It’s impossible to tell you the difficulties I had. Day and night, I had to be with her, and she was suffering horribly; this lasted a week. She’s much better and is beginning to eat a little baby cereal, but she’s very weak and does nothing but sleep. We’re very fortunate that this didn’t happen during your stay here because we wouldn’t have had much pleasure!

During Easter vacation Marie said to me, “Mama, do you think I’ll have any more little sisters? That makes me very sad because we’re so happy when we have little children.”

But this time, she has enough of them! Those poor little girls had a very distressing week; they didn’t have a moment’s rest. Consequently Marie is very afraid of having more little sisters and told me that she’ll never get married because it’s a source of too much trouble!


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