From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 133 - July 4, 1875.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

July 4, 1875

Last week I received a letter from my sister in Le Mans telling me that my brother really wants Léonie to go to Lisieux. It wasn’t difficult for me to decide because I find, in all fairness, that she should go there, and, without her resistance, she would have gone a long time ago. Finally, I told her my decision, and she came to terms with it willingly (read here the schooling of Léonie).

Now, she’s looking forward to it very much and talks of nothing else. She asks me how many weeks until her sisters will arrive, and she says that these weeks aren’t getting shorter. She’s never seen Lisieux, and she’s very happy to go there.

But Céline, who was to go in her place, cried very hard when she learned she wouldn’t be going. I had to promise her that she could go, also. I couldn’t leave her because she would have been too sad, and I wouldn’t enjoy myself knowing that I left a child in such great pain.

So, my dear sister, you’ll see five of us descending upon you! It’s truly too much, but what can you do? One is put in a very awkward position by our family and friends!

As for Thérèse, when she’s five or six years old, we won’t be able to leave her home anymore. She’ll have to accompany us because I don’t think she’ll be like Léonie, wanting to give up her place, neither for gold nor silver….

She always has a cold, my little Thérèse, and it comes back every two weeks. The wet nurse had told me that ever since she was born, she doesn’t get over one cold without catching another, but the worst thing is that she’s very sick. At the moment, she’s had a fever for two days and is eating nothing. As for me, I’m not very well. I’ve had a hoarseness for three months that won’t go away, and, with this, I’m coughing a little. But, in the end, I’m not suffering very much and that’s why I’m not doing anything to find relief because I firmly believe that all the drugs in the world only keep people waiting to be cured, but cure them, never!

However, I have two packets of St. John’s herbs that a good woman gave me a week ago. I smelled them, and I had enough. The woman returned yesterday to see if her herbal tea had done me any good. I told her yes, because I was almost cured. She answered me, “I knew you would be cured because there are no other remedies like that!”

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