From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 135 - August 12, 1875.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

August 12, 1875

I just received your letter. I was going to write you today to tell you that we’re leaving Saturday morning at ten past eleven and arriving in Lisieux around four-thirty.

For a week we’ve been talking about leaving Marie and Pauline with you. I can’t have one stay without the other because Marie doesn’t want to remain without her sister. But as for being separated from them for three weeks, I’ve decided that’s too long, leaving too little time with Pauline before her return to school. You’ll have them for about ten days, and then my husband will come get them. He has to leave on the 20th for l’Abbaye de la Trappe near Mortagne (the Trappist Monastery of La Grande Trappe in Soligny-la-Trappe, approximately 48 km from Alençon) together with several gentlemen, and they will stay there three days.

I went to Le Mans on the 2nd of this month to bring back my daughters. Marie cried quite a lot while leaving her convent forever. She received six first prizes and Pauline three or four.

I’m very grateful to Madame Maudelonde for delaying her trip in order to see us. I would have felt quite deprived not seeing her and her children, as well.

You said nothing to me of Madame Y. I don’t think she’ll be at your house at the same time as me. I know she should arrive in Alençon at the end of the week, and perhaps she’ll get the idea to come to Lisieux on Monday? That would hardly suit me since I would have to curtsey too many times, and I don’t know.

Goodbye, my dear sister, soon we’ll have the happiness of seeing you all again.

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