From Mme Martin to her brother Isidore Guérin CF 153 - February 22, 1876.

From Mme Martin to her brother

February 22, 1876

I’m not writing to your wife today because I’m not happy with her. She didn’t send me, through Monsieur Maudelonde, a few words in response to my last letter, so I’m not going to write her before she writes to me. Only then will I be completely appeased.

I was quite surprised by Monsieur Maudelonde’s arrival. I’m sorry I didn’t know in advance because that would have been very helpful. Next time, let us know, even if you don’t know the exact day.

However, I was very happy to receive him; he’s such a good man. I like him, as well as his whole family. Then he gave me all your news. It seems your wife hasn’t been well for some time, and that’s probably the reason for her silence. So I don’t hold it against her. In fact, I only said it as a joke!

Monsieur Maudelonde went to Le Mans today. He brought Marie with him, who very much wanted to see her aunt and her sister. She had a good day. They asked Pauline to come to the parlor without telling her anything, and, when she saw her sister, she was so shocked she burst into tears. Her aunt promised never to do that again.

Pauline is always charming. My sister is delighted with her, and Pauline gives her a lot of consolation. Recently, she played a role in a play for the Mother Superior’s feast day, and it seems she performed perfectly.

Their aunt spoke to Marie about you a lot. She told her that every day she prays that you succeed or you decide to sell the drug business. Meanwhile, you mustn’t be discouraged, but have great confidence in God.


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