From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 168 - October 20, 1876.

From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

October 20, 1876

I’m sending you Pauline’s letter. The best that it says doesn’t make me very happy. It’s like St. Martin’s Summer (a warmer period in November) announcing the ice of winter. They are, in my opinion, the last rays of sunlight. Oh well, those who leave are happier than those who stay, as you and I well know. I was sad today, above all because of you. You have so many struggles. My God! When will it end? When will we be happy?

As for being unduly distressed over my bothersome gland, I’m not convinced it’s necessary. If God allows that I die from it, I’ll try to accept it as best I can and resign myself to my fate to lessen my time in Purgatory. But I hope all will be well. I’ll make your remedies exactly to put my mind at rest because I don’t have great confidence in all that. Oh well, it will be like the blessing about which the Bishop of Séez’s servant said, “If that doesn’t do you any good, it won’t do you any harm.” Do you know the story? ...

I was looking forward to your letter. I wanted to know if you were keeping the student, but I see that was completely impossible. What are you going to do? I’m going to ask God to send you a suitable one. I’m beginning a novena with Marie, and our prayers will be answered. God knows well that you need it, and He always gives us what we need. Let us all have courage.

Please, don’t worry about me. In no way am I suffering from the gland, and the little shooting pains I thought I felt are completely gone. I think it will be nothing, or, if it’s serious, it will only be much later, when it will be time to die.

Marie read your letters with great interest and wants to faithfully follow all your advice for the treatment to be applied to me. I told her I didn’t need to be looked after by her, but the maid replied that if they didn’t prepare for me what was needed, nothing would be done. She said I needed to be hounded and that they are quite determined to do both! Oh well, I’ll let them. Actually, it will be easier for me to see it all prepared.


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