From Mme Martin to Pauline CF 183 - January 1877.

From Mme Martin to Pauline

January 1877

My dear Pauline,

I want to put your mind at ease about your little sister, who was so sick when you left. When I arrived Monday night she came with the maid to meet us, but not as far as the station. She ate with us and was very cheerful. In other words, the illness had disappeared. I don’t understand this illness which she gets quite often and never lasts more than a day or two. Afterwards, it’s completely gone.

I have nothing new to tell you. I’m taking advantage of an opportunity to write to you; otherwise you wouldn’t have had any news today. You know I’m very busy on Thursdays.

Marie is sending you all of her pictures. Try and make do with them, and if you don’t have enough, buy some from the Visitation Monastery.

The deal for the sale of the Alençon lace business hasn’t been completed, and I don’t think it’s going to take place. I don’t want it for several reasons. Besides, I prayed to the Sacred Heart that it won’t go through if it’s a bad business venture for the people who want to buy it.

If we’d wanted, the sale would have been concluded, but I thought I should open the eyes of the potential buyers about certain difficulties because they saw everything in a positive light, and I didn’t like that. For me, who sees everything as black, there’s a big difference!

Oh well, I’ll continue until further notice, and we’ll see what we’ll do, but I’m very weary of business. I don’t have the necessary energy anymore. I feel I need rest, but I’ll hardly have any before the eternal rest….

My dear Pauline, continue to be a good girl, very gentle and good towards everybody. You will be rewarded, even here below: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

I’ll write you a long letter a week from Sunday and a very interesting one, if possible, because I’ll need to have something new to tell you, and that’s not always the case.

When your aunt has no more oranges, give money to Sister Félicité (extern Sister at the Visitation Monastery in Le Mans) so she can buy some.

I kiss you with all my heart.

© Society of St. Paul / Alba House


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