From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 187 - February 6, 1877.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

February 6, 1877

I’m sending you a letter from my sister that I received a week ago (the last letter from Sister Marie-Dosithée to her family). I’m also enclosing a letter from Pauline, who quite entertained us with her story of Father La Colombière. Last week she wrote us that the Community was saying a novena to him and that if it were answered it would be used for his beatification.

She added that her aunt was hardly happy with this and that she preferred the miracle be for someone else other than her. So if the good Father wanted to do it for me, he could, because I’m not in such a hurry to leave, nor am I prepared well enough.

I’m still the same, yet the illness is slowly getting worse. They’re saying a novena to the Blessed Mother for my intentions. I put on Lourdes water and drink some of it, but I have to use it sparingly because I’m not at the source!

If I were in the Blessed Mother’s place, I would very quickly give in to so many prayers to free myself of people. The Poor Clares are also going to start a novena, but I don’t like asking for prayers for myself because it would be better for me if it was for the intentions of others.

Tell Jeanne and Marie that if they were in Alençon at the moment, in the Place du Palais de Justice, they would think they were in Lisieux, because all the booths that I’d seen there during my trip to visit you have returned to our city. It’s an “open air dancehall” that could drive you crazy.  

Sunday I took the children there to make them happy, and I recognized everything that had been at the Lisieux fair, even up to the carousel horses, the weightlifters, and everything else.

There’s nothing new to tell you. Everyone here is well. My husband is here by my side, saying to me, “Give them my best regards.”


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